About Us

Devon Long


    Devon Long by trade and education is a First Year Apprentice Chef who also holds an AA in Nutrition & Food Service Management (Associates Of Applied Science). Her management background comes from 5 years spent as a supervisor/diet tech in the Dietetics Department of a 500 bed acute care hospital. Devon's passion has always centered around the culinary arts and she continues to experience & explore this field out of the commercial arena. Currently working privately upon request for friends. 



We want to showcase local talent, to give chefs and entertainers a place to show off their talents surrounded by supportive community and shared infrastructure. We are creating a meeting place for people who are interested in creating and eating great food, building community and celebrating diversity.

Devon and Kirsty met on the fundraising committee of their children's preschool, five years ago.  They spent several years working together on event planning and fundraising events.  They were members of the Spaceworks Business Cohort together in 2019.  They share a love of good food and helping their community.

Thanks to Jonathan Armstrong for the head shots!

Kirsty Kalkhoven


Kirsty has a BFA in Film and MFA in Creative Writing.  After a career in film post-production working on some good and some really terrible movies, she then worked in motorsports PR and marketing for a number of years before starting a family.  She went through Tacoma Community College's Entrepreneurship Program and the Spaceworks Business Cohort in 2019.